Mulch & Sod

Landscape Mulch

Not many people know this but mulch has been around for quite some time. In fact, mulch has been around since trees have been around. The forest floors are full of mulch, which leads to a great environment for all kinds of plants to grow and thrive. A layer of landscaping mulch in your backyard can ensure that the soil that is underneath it is protected. It is a simple, natural and ingenious shield against the weather and other such influences.

We at Macros Lawn Service have keenly studied the benefits of mulch. We have been using it in landscaping projects in Tigrett and the surrounding towns of Dyersburg, Humboldt, Brownsville, Jackson, Union City and Martin; and have learned just how much mulch your landscape would need to thrive and how much would have an adverse effect on it.

Mulch landscaping has become popular over the years and our customers in Covington, Blytheville Atoka and Kennett have requested for mulch protection on their landscapes as well. We know where to stop and ensure that there isn't too much mulch in the soil. Our experience has taught us how to maintain and ideal level of mulch to protect the soil and encourage growth.

How Mulch Benefits your Landscape

Mulch essentially forms a protective layer over the soil. Depending on the product you choose, mulches can be natural or synthetic. There are several advantages of mulching your landscape.

  • Moisture: One of the best advantages of mulch is that it retains moisture. Plants need moist soil consistently but the moisture from the soil can evaporate over the course of the day, leaving the soil packed and dry. Wood mulch not only slows down the evaporation rate of the water in the soil, but also retains a healthy level of moisture itself. Water doesn't evaporate from mulch as easily as it does from soil.

  • Temperature: Mulch has an insulating effect on the soil. Whether the temperature above the ground is hot or cold, a proper layer of mulch would ensure that the soil underneath remains protected. The temperature under the layer of the mulch changes more gradually and gently. In summer, it ensures that the soil doesn't heat up too much and in winter it ensures that the soil doesn't cool down too much.

  • Weeds: Mulch plays an important role in ensuring that weeds remain suppressed. As it is, if your landscape is healthy, most weeds won't encroach but mulch takes it a step further. It doesn't allow sunlight to reach the seeds of weeds, ensuring that they don't grow at all.

  • Nutrients: If you're using natural mulch, it will eventually break down and become a great source of nutrition for the soil underneath. Most consider natural mulch the best mulch for landscaping. Natural decomposing mulch offers nutrients to the soil but it also improves the structure of the soil.

If you have any questions about mulch or wish to use it on your landscape, you can call Macros Lawn Services at 901-463-5019. We'll be pleased to assist you.

Landscape Sod

These days, very few actually want to wait to have green, lush lawns. Most people like to have their backyards looking great from day one. Hydroseeding is an option, but the grass takes a long time to grow many would prefer to not have lawns bare and looking empty. In such cases, most homeowners opt for landscaping sod.

Sod is the most popular option amongst homeowners, who would like to have a readymade lawn. Most don't really want to wait for the grass to grow and start looking green and lush. Moreover, with other methods, the lawns remain nearly useless for a long time; On the other hand with sod, you have the beauty of a full, healthy lawn and the ability to invite guests to your patio for a party or dinner soon after installation. Moreover, installing sod is quite easy and doesn't take a lot of time.

We at Macros Lawn Service have been installing sod in new lawns and gardens in Tigrett and the surrounding towns of Dyersburg, Humboldt, Brownsville, Jackson, Union City and Martin for several years now. We're an old hand at it and quickly accomplish our task and leave, letting the clients enjoy those new green lawns.

We have also provided sod replacement services in Covington, Blytheville Atoka and Kennett as well. With our experience and skill, we ensure that we install it properly so that it grows green and healthy. There is no use installing sod that withers and dies in a few weeks so proper installation is vital.

The Convenience of Sod

Many people deny the several advantages of sod, thinking that other methods are better. The fact of the matter is there are advantages and disadvantages to all methods of grass installation. However, once you install sod and take proper care of it, it would last you for a long time:

  • It makes a readymade lawn. It looks great as soon as the sod installation is done. It is a great feeling to look at your lawn and see a stretch of healthy-looking green grass where only in the morning, there was nothing but soil.

  • A sod lawn can be utilized instantly. There's essentially no waiting period and you can easily walk on it as soon as the installation is done. This particular aspect of the installation is most appealing to clients.

  • Sod definitely has a higher success rate than grass seed. Growing grass from seeds requires a lot of work and it might not even be successful. Sod requires very little effort on your part.

  • Installing sod discourages weeds. Since the grass is already planted, there is very little room for weeds to grow.

  • Sod pricing isn't necessarily the least expensive method of installing a lawn; however, the fact that it requires very little care and is an instant lawn, means you get value for money

There are, of course, certain disadvantages to sod. It is generally comprised of just one type of grass and therefore isn't as disease-resistant as other grass planting options. However, it still remains very popular amongst our clients. If you have any questions regarding our services or if you wish to get an estimate on sod installation, you can call Macros Lawn Services at 901-463-5019. We'll be pleased to assist you.